15 September 2005

Busy week

I know that most of us usually have busy weeks, so I'm probably preaching to the choir here.......

Spent a couple of days in Phoenix attending Convention Council meetings for the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention. It is fun to get to see what we are doing here in Az.

Also got to spend an afternoon with a couple of friends - one old friend, the younger one, and a new friend, the older of the two. The discussions were very helpful and encouraging. I just want to know why Pat waited until we were about 10 minutes from his house to call home only to find out that he did not have to come home....... perhaps his cell service doesn't work outside a couple of mile radius of his home.

Tonight is the last night of bus driving school (I hope). Should be done with that phase - I've driven big rigs and coaches cross country before, although I'm not certified on school bus yet. Three additional nights away from home in the last week is not fun, but hopefully the results will be worth the effort.

My lovely bride and I went to Phoenix by ourselves this week - I highly recommend it to any man who is married. Take your wife away for a couple of days without the kids and the normal stuff that life throws at her.

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