06 September 2005

Shaylyn & I did something helpful!!!!

This past week on Friday and Saturday, Shaylyn - #3 daughter, and I went to help at our local food bank. It was quite different from other experiences we have had in other places.

Shaylyn did a great job! She's 12, and can get it done! Not long after we started on Friday morning, filling boxes with the different items, she was telling me what she needed, and was filling 5 or 6 boxes at the same time.... We worked with the other people from the food bank for most of the morning, and finished around noontime. Met a lot of people, got to practicar espanol and learned quite a bit about our community.

On Saturday morning, we started around 8:00, this time we had some help from Virginia and Sam. Between all 4 of us, we had around 20 more food boxes filled and ready within about 20 minutes. People started showing up, and the fun times started. Virginia and Sam had burritos to make for the Softball League they are in, so they took off after the heavy stuff was done.

Shaylyn helped Bobbie, the director, all morning doing the hard stuff - putting candy in the boxes. She also helped people carry their items to their cars, and got to go help Sophie carry her food into her house - up a really steep path on a mountain.

We are going to make this a regular habit. Shaylyn wants to help more, so we are going to see if she can volunteer during the week occasionally helping Bobbie. Bobbie is an amazing lady. She has been running the food bank since right after it started in 1982. She has an amazing story.

I'm glad we had the opportunity to serve other people in our community. I'm glad Virginia and Sam got to help. I'm glad we got to know Bobbie better. I'm glad Shaylyn and I got to do something helpful - together.

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