02 April 2006

Blogging is contagious

Shemiah has started blogging!!! She's been at it for a little while. She has written poetry for a long time and most of it is outstanding (and I'm not biased in the least....)

She posted a poem that was written some time ago here. The poem is good, but the comments from her uncle and cousin make it all the better. The man mentioned in the comment from Neil is Shemiah's granddad. He's one of my heros too.


Anonymous said...

It'll ruin my reputation if I say too much so... I agree

Shemiah said...

Ohh - thank you!!! Blogging is contagious? You make it sound like I have a disease! :)
I did change all of the mispellings that I could find in my most recent comment. ;)

adam said...

rodney~ thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. hey, man, i noticed your "blogday" is coming up in may! one year! woo-hoo!

RMc said...

Shaianne - your reputation for paucity of words is not in jeopardy.

Shemiah - we've been meaning to talk to you for awhile about this "condition" of yours....

Adam - times fun when you are having flies!