01 December 2005


I ran across 2 different posts today that make a very important point. One, the original, by Perry Noble caused Tally Wilgis to respond.

My wife is my most important pastor. She speaks truth to me in a way I can understand - I might not always enjoy it, but..... She knows me more and better than any other person walking the planet. I would be in deep doo if not for her. Especially in the very busy times of life (kinda like now). Occasionally she goes away and leaves me with all the stuff she normally does. I am very glad when she comes home again.

She makes sure that I pay attention to one of the main priorities of life - family. We only have a short time to influence our daughters, and we have to make the most of that time.

D'Sh - Thank you for allowing me the privilege of being your husband. God definitely gave you to me, and you are a good gift - He did a fantastic job when He made you. Thank you for not being the stereotypical preacher's wife. Thank you for watching out for me, keeping me out of trouble, helping me not to step in things I shouldn't step in. Thank you for loving me enough to call me up short when I need it. In my mind, you are the definition of a "helper suitable for him."

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adam said...

hey, rodney... just stumbled across your blog today. thanks for the linkage, man! hope all is well in arizona for ya. things are pretty chilly up here in baltimore...