05 June 2005

Spurgeon, by way of Mohler

Al Mohler has an exerpt from a message on his blog today that Charles H. Spurgeon gave on May 15, 1890. Spurgeon was talking to pastors, and Mohler addresses it to pastors today.

I really needed it today. I needed to see what only God can do - and God graciously let me see some things that He is already doing (3 that I noticed, so far). I also needed the reminder from two men I respect that it's all about Him, not me. Thank you Dr. Mohler.


Joe Thorn said...

Good stuff man. Thanks for pointing that out.

RMc said...

No problem - it's still amazing to me how well Spurgeon hits it on the head.

Ronnie said...

Enjoying your blog. Thanks for sharing the Spurgeon exerpt. You gotta love those old dead guys.

RMc said...

Thanks Ronnie

It's amazing how accurately some old dead guys got it right - and some of them didn't. Trick is, figuring out which ones got it right!!!!