27 October 2005

Cowboy Hall of Fame

Last Saturday night, my parents, Jake and Geneva, 79 & 80 years old respectively, were inducted into the Hidalgo County (NM) Cowboy Hall of Fame. They were the only ones inducted who were alive - the other 2 died a long time ago.

It's a nice honor for them. They have spent the last 35+ years living on the same ranch, improving it a whole lot, and experimenting with different types of cattle breeds that would grow the best in that area, with my dad also working a full-time job.

We are glad that they were honored non-posthumously. I've never really understood posthumous awards. I guess the family gets something out of it, but isn't it better to say "You did a great job!" while someone is alive?

All my brothers and sisters were there. It is the first time that all of us have been together since D'Shon and I got married a little over 22 years ago. Needless to say, Family Reunions do not play a big role in our family!

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martyduren said...

Hey Man,
Tell Maw and Paw congrats!