08 October 2005

Grace in action

Today I got to "cowboy" as my girls call it. I helped move some cattle (around 65 or so) from the ranch house to a pasture a couple of miles away. We moved a couple of other cows from one pasture to another. I grew up on a ranch, so this was a lot of fun.

Chris and Monica are the owners of the ranch. She and I are fellow Rotarians and she asked me earlier this week if I was able to come help them work cattle. I got to know Chris better today. We had met somewhere before, but neither of us could remember quite where.

After we got back to the house and unsaddled, we sat outside waiting for lunch. Chris' parents were staying with them this weekend. They are in their early 90's, and live in a nearby town. His dad is legally blind, and his mom has Alzheimer's. I've never been around anyone who is afflicted with this disease.

His mom is a kind lady, although she asks the same questions pretty frequently. I learned a lot from Chris and Monica. They help take care of Chris' parents on a weekly basis. They have developed a patient attitude with them, and answer questions just like it was the first time it has been asked. Chris' comment was something to the effect that we need to enjoy them while we can, because sometime soon, they will not be around.

His dad prayed before lunch. He prayed a prayer that only one who has prayed for years can pray.

It was difficult to see the changes that Alzheimer's makes to a marriage relationship.

I saw grace in action from Chris and Monica, taking care of his parents in a way that brought dignity, patience, and humor to the situation.

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