09 April 2006

Easter's on it's way.....

Next Sunday is Easter and we get to watch a baptism!!!!! Olivia's Mom and Dad talked to me this morning about talking with Olivia. I asked them where they thought Olivia was since they have a better sense of her spiritual life than I. They thought she was ready, so we talked after services this morning.

She asked Jesus to come into her heart a while back. Mom and Dad have done a great job talking to her, clarifying, making sure she understands what happened, is happening, etc.

We talked about being baptized. She's ready! I asked her why she wanted to be baptized. Her response - "Because I asked Jesus to come into my heart." Simple faith.

Does she understand everything that everyone thinks she should understand before making a "decision for Christ?" Probably not, but then again, I doubt very seriously that anyone understands everything everyone else thinks they need to know...... I don't have many of the answers either.

So, next week, Easter Sunday, we get to celebrate as Dad baptizes Olivia!!!!! I can hardly wait.

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Shemiah said...

Yeah!!!! That is awesome!!!! I can't wait!!