01 April 2006

Reflections on a previous life

Spent some time with a friend of mine this past week. He recently went through an unexpected job change. He was, and still is, self-employed, but now really self-employed. Was with a couple of partners and now is not.

Had the opportunity to see how his was doing spiritually, how he was dealing with life, his outlook, family, church, etc. Having been in a similar situation of a business failure of sorts, it was nice to see him working through many of the same issues that we dealt with several years ago.

We talked about how many people don't get it when we say "It's not about the money" or "Money is not the issue." Especially when they are very concerned about how you will pay the bills, feed the family, etc. The real issue comes down to faith. Will God do what He has promised that He will do for one of His, or will He not?

I'm glad we are no longer self-employed in the same sense. I'm glad that our business supported us for as long as it did. I'm also glad that it failed. Without the failure, I would not have the faith in the Father that I do now, hope in the work that Christ has done, or the comfort that the Comforter provides.


Rick Russell said...

I have been on both sides of the fence, most recently being self-empolyed. Over the past 2 years I have really learned that "It's not about the money". More people needed to learn that or they will have a rough time being happy.

RMc said...

Or being satisfied with anything else too Rick. Of all the self-employed people I know, it seems to fit you probably the best. You and your family seem to have flourished and grown since your move east..... even though we're still not sure we like being that far away from you guys.