21 June 2006

Trip starts tomorrow

Tomorrow we leave for the Dominican Republic. We are going to help church planters do whatever they want us to do. The only definite on our itinerary is when our planes are scheduled to depart and arrive, Sunday School is on Sunday morning, and Worship is on Sunday evening. Other than that, we are going to serve those we will be with.

Eleven of us are going from 4 different churches (and not all of them are Southern Baptist.....) I'm looking forward to seeing what God is doing there. From what I understand, He is working in ways there that we do not see Him working here in the States.

I have no idea whether I will have Internet access. If so, perhaps an occasional entry will show up. If not, I guess we will see how much makes its way here after we return.

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GuyMuse said...

Let us know how the trip goes, will be interested in hearing about your experiences.