03 July 2006

Tranquilo Bobby!!

We're home!!!! After a 25 hour of day traveling, we are all safe and sound, all 11 of us from Az who went to the DR. We had 4 legs on our journey with breaks (layovers) between just about each leg.

The best comment I have heard about the trip so far came from my beautiful bride. She said "You seem peaceful after this trip, not all keyed up like you usually are."

We heard many times on this trip - "Tranquilo Bobby!" Our Dominican host was very gracious and had a great sense of humor.

For some, it was a stretch to not have a schedule other than what someone else thought needed to happen. I kinda enjoyed it. We could see that God was leading us as we looked backwards....

I'm hoping to reflect a bit on some of the experiences we had, attitudes, questions, etc in the coming days. Suffice it to say that many more questions were raised than answers given, although many answers were discovered. Recently Guy commented here about something that I had no understanding when I replied. I now have a somewhat better understanding.... not complete by any means, but better.

I'm blessed to be home, where the electricity works all 24 hours of the day, along with water coming out of the faucet/toilet/shower whenever I turn it on, toilet seats (and toilets...), paper, etc. We Americans are very spoiled and tend to be fat and lazy.

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