23 July 2005

Helping another church out.

Fifteen people from 1st Southern Morenci helped Central Heights Baptist in the Globe area with their block party today. One of the guys from 1st So. Morenci coordinated everything for us. Thanks Chris, you really helped me out a lot by doing that for us.

Within about 15 minutes of getting there, 2 of the ladies who went had already identified several areas where we could refine our own block party that is coming up on August 6. It is fun to be around people who see what needs to happen and then they make the decision without having to ask me about it first. Virginia and Sue - you guys rock!!! With these two around, I need to stay out of the way and watch them work, help when I can then back up so I won't be in the way of stuff happening.

A couple of youth worked all day right along with the adults. Shaianne fished more fish out of a bucket than humanly possible. Caleb tried to dunk the ball on rocky ground, in a short height goal all morning - don't know if he ever did it or not - but he hung around and played with the kids.

Donny and Alice - thanks!!! Greg - I hope the seat in your truck dries out...... Jerry D - I think your time is coming sometime soon - I saw the look in her eyes. John and Esther - just how many t-shirts did you win anyway? And how do you pronounce your last name?

Justin Y and Vivien (I hope you dried off!) - It's pretty cool having you guys around this summer and seeing you involved in church. Justin D - it really is better in the dry heat!!! I appreciate your involvement in the community coaching the kids in soccer and giving me a hard time too. Hopefully we will finish most of Genesis before all y'all head back to foreign lands to finish school.

Overall, it was a really good day helping another church try to reach their community with the good news. Saw lots of kids carrying Bibles around, hopefully they will be read. Got to help kids laugh, make them laugh, laugh with them - nothing much in life sounds better than a little child laughing, or a pre-teen giggling at an adult doing something goofy.


Anonymous said...

I miss all the fun stuff!!! I wish I could have been there, but it sounds like you had fun in spite of my absense....and it sounds like a mini mission trip!!Shemiah

martyduren said...

You hoped for Jeff Iorg...his interview is up now.