05 July 2005

Maps! Maps! We don't need no stinkin maps!!!

I've been reading several books on leadership lately. John MacArthur (The Book on Leadership), Andy Stanley (7 Practices of Effective Ministry, Rick Rusaw & Eric Swanson (The Externally Focused Church), and more waiting to be read!

According to all the books I've read, my leadership is severely lacking! On the other hand, my calling by the only One Who Counts has not changed. The people in the church I pastor also are waiting on me to lead them.

Rusaw and Swanson wrote in The Externally Focused Church on page 147:
It is a myth that not all leaders are visionaries. If you lead, you are a visionary. You are inviting people to move from the present to the future. If you don't have any idea of where your church is going and why, then you are not a leader--period.
This quote has been the most helpful for me to see what I have not been doing very well. I have a vision of how a church should operate, but I have not done a good job explaining that vision. I have a tendency to be pretty vague and want people to find out on their own what needs to be done - I'm not very directive with clear "Do this" requests/commands/etc.

They also say that the vision should act as a compass, not a roadmap which makes a lot of sense to me. I've been looking at the compass (that I am looking at, not what others see, or have seen in the past) and most of the leaders here are asking for directions on the roadmap.

Perhaps with a different understanding of vision that Rusaw and Swanson have provided will help me get us going in the right direction - using the compass rather than the roadmap. I've been waiting for a map to appear, maps can be drawn later..... Maps! Maps! We don't need no stinkin maps!!!

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martyduren said...

Well, there goes "Leadership by Rand McNally."

That's a good point Rodney, and I believe it will be coming up soon in staff meeting.