03 July 2005


Today in our morning worship a couple I did not know joined us. In our conversation I found out where they lived and that they were in the area on a vacation of sorts for their anniversary.

They told me where they go to church in their city, and he is the pastor of their church! It "used to be Southern Baptist," but they think Brother So-and-So took them out of the SBC - "and rightfully so". "There are so very few faithful Baptist churches" in their city, they said. Not many hold to the truth, and preach truth. (It is a pretty large city here in AZ and has lots of SBC churches, but it's not Phoenix, just in case you're interested!!!)

Pretty early in the conversation I quit trying to understand where they were coming from, it was pretty apparent that they did not want to discuss it, and the situation did not lead to an open discussion either. It was an amiable discussion, and I hope they have an enjoyable anniversary getaway and encountered God in our worship this morning.

My question is - if you go to a church you obviously don't agree with doctrinally, is it a good thing to talk to the pastor afterwards and start pointing out some of the things you don't agree with? I guess it's a good thing I explained why I was wearing sandals while I preached this morning .......... (wonder what they woulda thought if I'd been wearing shorts!)

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virgy said...

Yeah I bet alot of people that don't know you would think you are a little strang!