28 August 2005

Conference #1

Thursday night the 25th and Friday my family and I went to the Arizona SBC Church Planting Conference held in Ahwatukee, AZ. Got to drink more good coffee in a day and a half than I had in the past 2 months - thanks to David & Lisa & Kayla Johnson - you guys rock!!!

Ken Belflower and Fernando Amaro are both Church Planting Facilitators in the AZ SBC. They had a team of people helping them set up this Conference - the team did a great job with this one!

Met a boat load of church planters who are doing the deed in AZ. Every one of these guys / gals are gettin it done in their communities! I have the privilege of serving on the Church Planting Resource Team for our State Convention. I had read a lot of the stories behind these various churches before, and now had the opportunity to meet the people who are making it happen.

We had a chance to ask questions during a couple of sessions - it was good to see the variety of responses - whether I agreed with them or not!!!!

The best part of the whole conference was hangin out talking, finding out what God is doing in each church and pastor / team that was there. Got to spend time with David and Sean late on Friday. They are on the Leadership Team of The Crossing in Tucson.

Sean is pulling double duty - he is also a Church Planting Strategist for the Catalina Baptist Association. I had read about The Crossing and Sean on Tally's Blog a couple of months ago and checked out their website. I'm gonna have to take a Sunday evening and head to Tucson to check it out. It sounds like some really good things are happening there, in spite of the fact that Sean likes Taco Bell. I could hang with him at Chipotle and the coffee shops, but not Taco Bell - yo no quiero Taco Bell!

I'm glad that we have churches being planted in various places in the state. Problem is, there's not enough........ We need all the help we can get here in AZ - if you are interested, come on out, there are more people who need to hear the good news than we can handle.

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