31 August 2005

Tally has a really good idea! - Updated

Tally is not satisfied with letting other people do all the work, he wants to get involved, and take other people or churches with him. Here's his idea for helping the folks who are left in the wake of Katrina. Whatcha think?

Update #1
Tally commented that the website WeWillGo.net is up and running now. This effort is one that will provide housing for the long-term, partnering with Habitat for Humanity. For more info, go to WeWillGo.net or here. There is a page on WeWillGo.net that lists a variety of agencies to donate to if you are so inclined to do so immediately.

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Tally said...

Thanks for telling others. We will launch our site to connect people around the country with Habitat for Humanity. The site is called WeWillGo.net and will provide people with a way to register their groups to prepare for a trip to the region and assist in the rebuilding efforts. We can help one home at a time.