29 August 2005

Conference #2 - Double Dumb Stupid

Saturday I attended a second conference in 3 days - I know, I know, I'm a glutton for punishment. But that's Ok, got to spend the day giggling at Reggie McNeal. Giggling in between seeing glimpses of "double dumb stupid" stuff that we see all too often. I think I'm gonna start using that phrase - thanks Reggie!

If you don't know who Reggie McNeal is, or if you haven't read any of his books, and you like to be beat about the head and neck repeatedly, start with The Present Future. I read it and A Work of Heart several months ago. I've been trying to figure out some of the answers to questions that he brings up and haven't been too successful as of yet - but there might be an answer to one of them coming up soon - stay tuned for details if it happens.

Just a couple of questions / comments that will help build your appetite - "How do we deconvert from churchianity to Christianity?" and "You need to get out of the church business!" He challenges a few of our long held questions and asks a couple more that aren't so easy to answer.

Reggie McNeal is in or on the Leadership Development Group of the South Carolina Baptist Convention, so he is one of us SBC folks. If you get the chance to hear him speak, do it, you won't regret it (too bad anyway, unless you are a died in the wool club member)

We lived in Phoenix for almost 19 years and I thought we had gotten used to the heat. Moved away less than 2 years ago and this last week in Phx it was stinkin hot......

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