21 November 2005

Juicy Teaching Stories - part 1

I've been teaching high school math for the grand total of 3 days so far. With this vast amount of experience, I offer the following analysis.

Teaching is not easy when:

1. some in the class are not interested in learning,

2. some in the class are more interested in talking to other people than listening to the teacher,

3. the teacher doesn't have a clue how to teach in this setting!!!!

4. very little time in the classroom is dedicated to actual teaching!

I have learned a great deal in the great many hours I have spent in the classroom. Enough to make me very greatful that we homeschool our 4 daughters....... I'd forgotten about the attitudes of Junior High boys........ and the one track minds some have in High School. I'm glad our girls are at home, where they can be treated as young ladies.

I have to change my teaching style in this setting. I spoke with another teacher this afternoon who made the following comment - "You are having too much fun." He made it in response to my deserate plea of "HELP!!!" He did give me an idea of what might work - with more to follow tomorrow night. He needed to be in a meeting. More to come from him tomorrow. He has been teaching for 37 years and is willing to help bring me up to speed (or something close).

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