24 November 2005

Thanksgiving 2005

This year I have many things to be thankful for. First, and foremost, the peace of mind/life/etc knowing that I have an assured, positive relationship with the Creator. I have confidence that when I stand in His presence one day, I will stand as His friend because He has made it possible, not because I have done anything to make it happen.

My wife and I both have sinus infections this Thanksgiving!! Joy, Joy. We are not going to my mother-in-laws house (6 hours away) as a result. However, this is giving the girls an opportunity to cook their first Thanksgiving meal!!!! They stayed up late last night preparing, and have been busy all morning cooking. I'm glad they have the opportunity to cook this meal before they get married and are trying to impress their in-laws!!!! I'm sure that time will be stressful enough, without having to learn how to cook everything too.

Many other things to be thankful for this year. It has been a very good year. God has shown up in so many places it would be hard to try to name them all.

I hope you all have a Merry Thanksgiving!!!!

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"Uncle" Justin said...

Hi Rodney!

Yeah. You guessed it! It was my 22nd birthday on the 24th. It coincided with Thanksgiving, but in Canada, our Thanksgiving falls on Columbus Day.

Hope you're feeling better with the Sinus infection.