08 February 2006

February Meeting

Good trip this time! We got to talk about some policy issues with the lawyer for our Convention Council Church Planting Team. Good beginning for the discussion, but still have some things to work out. We were able to spend some money helping 2 churches reach their communities! We will be helping a third at some point - when some questions are answered. It appeared that they hadn't completely thought through all the issues they were facing, so we will readdress it when they find the answers.

We got to hear about what is happening with the Arizona Regional Campus of the Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary - exciting stuff! They have 96 students taking classes this semester, and lots of money is being given for scholarships. Heard a story of a 70 year old man who has started taking classes, and another retired man who preached his first sermon in a church and they called him as pastor on the spot!!!!!

Also heard about the Desert Pines Baptist Association in the central north eastern part of Arizona. The churches in that Association are doing a good job reaching the people in their area using some creative ministries.

Mitch has promised me for awhile now that we would have a trailer. There was a reported trailer sighting on Monday night, so I'm fairly sure it exists......

Had a good afternoon drinking coffee and conversation with Sam on Monday. My lovely bride bought some new threads. She doesn't do that very often, so I was glad she found some she wanted, and they fit too! Two of my other women came home with new things too. Suppose that happens when they outgrow their old stuff.

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