16 February 2006

Evaluation Team off and running

We had another eTeam meeting this past Monday. I am impressed with the caliber of people on the team. Everyone on the team has a good handle on the task we are to accomplish and insight that is remarkable.

We are going to take a broad approach to listening to people in Arizona concerning their impressions / perceptions of how our convention structure is working. It is refreshing to have leadership who encourages us to connect with people however we can. As a result, we are going to communicate many ways - through a blog, downloadable documents that can be returned by email or snail mail, personal letters to every pastor in the state, and an offer to meet with groups of pastors wherever they want to get together (and these meetings don't have to be by Associational area either!!!)

And to top it all off, my computer died yesterday morning..... I'm working from home for awhile until a new one arrives or the old one is fixed, whichever happens first.

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