05 February 2006

Headed to Phoenix

Tomorrow my women and I are heading to Phoenix. I hope to spend the afternoon with my friend Sam. I learn a lot and get encouraged every time we get together.

I have meetings with the Convention Council of the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention. I look forward to these meetings because we get to assist churches do the things they feel led to do in order to reach the state of Arizona for the cause of Christ. The latest numbers I saw show that we are losing ground in the state. It appears that more and more people do not have a relationship with the risen Christ and have no affiliation with any church that is telling about Him.

I serve on the Church Planting Resource Team. We get to hear about how God is working in new church plants and decide how we can help them grow and become established.

Tonight in our evening services we talked a bit more about baptism. We are going to start the discussion about Prospective Member classes so that everyone who wants to be a member of this church will be able to know what we believe and how we want to operate. For some, this is old hat, for me, it is exciting news.


Gordon Cloud said...

God bless your endeavors, brother. I hope your trip is safe and profitable.

RMc said...

Thanks Gordon, it was both safe and profitable!! More to follow....