31 May 2005

Memorial Day Weekend

This was a really good weekend. We had a good worship time Sunday morning recognizing graduates from the local schools, remembering those who serve or have served in the military, and the God our patriots worshiped. Talked about God's love for the church and if we are bricks, then we need to stay in the wall where He puts us, til He takes us out and puts us somewhere else.

Had a barbeque on Sunday evening - burgers, dogs, chili, corn on the cob, chips, cake, ate too much. Had a really good conversation with Justin (a summer intern for Phelps Dodge). Justin is a college student with one more year to go - and is ready to start work. Sounds like he has a good foundation for life. He just needs to spend more time playing drums!!! Practice, practice, practice........

Another friend called yesterday morning and asked us to go to the river with them. Had never been there, had a blast getting there - four wheel drive roads, playing in the water, eating, talking, just hanging out. Caught 3 catfish - if you want to call them fish - all 3 together wouldn't make a decent meal. It was fun anyway you want to look at it.

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