18 May 2005

Scholarship presentation

Had the opportunity last night to present around $5000 worth of scholarships to High School students. Realized as I approached the podium that I did not know many of the parents of the students (most of who I know). I lost my train of thought and didn't say many of the things that I wanted to say.

I was representing the Clifton-Morenci Rotary Club. I've been a member of Rotary for less than a year now. Getting to meet a lot of people who don't immediately turn me off because I'm a "Preacher." Met the father of one of the students across the fence in my yard this morning. Real nice guy, his first son is leaving for college this summer and he is hoping that he and his wife raised him good, that his son will turn out alright. I do too. I know where their house is now, and will have something to talk about with him next time.

Met someone I went to High School with who was presenting scholarships last night too. Didn't get to talk to him much, just sat next to him on the platform.

I hope these relationships will continue to grow and develop. I have no idea where these guys stand with Christ, but we have some things in common right now - hopefully more in the future.

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