04 June 2005

Rodney - 1, Stump - 0

We had 2 stumps in our yard one month ago. My lovely bride resorted to diesel powered help to remove one of them (and I thanked her very much too!) Last night, the second one - much larger (not in my estimation, but D'Shon's and Annie's) than the one removed with hydraulic help succumbed to the shovel and crowbar! I'd been told that I would be working for a long time before that one came out of the ground and they weren't sure it would all come up - it did. I had worked one afternoon a couple of months ago and had been saving up my strength to finish the battle. I was almost disappointed - it only took another couple of hours to finish it up.

I did my best Tim the Toolman grunt and then went in the house to celebrate with generic Coke and chocolate covered graham crackers. Drug it out of the yard with my trusty Trooper II today and covered the hole like the tree never existed. The girls just smile and thank God that no one is around when I do my best Arnold imitation and grunt when someone mentions the stump that was formerly in our yard.

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