27 June 2005


Sometimes change comes through struggle, other times.....

Last night we had a potluck fellowship instead of our usual Sunday evening services. It is the second time this summer we've had an evening fellowship rather than the traditional meal following morning worship. A couple of comments I heard were significant.

"This is more relaxing than having potluck at lunch. We don't have to get up early and throw something together, get ready for church, worry about keeping the food hot, and keeping somebody in the kitchen getting everything ready."

"I like this better! Nobody is rushed to get home, we can sit and talk."

Fellowship can't be rushed!!! It takes time for people to connect - even those who have been acquainted for decades and have attended church together for forever.

D'Shon and I only counted about 6 or so folks who were in morning worship that did not come back for the 5:00 potluck, and we had some come who were not here earlier and don't normally come to church too!

Sometimes changes occur gradually when we try something different and let people see the differences - it kinda grows on you then.

Now, if my ankle would quit hurting I would be able to walk like a human rather than a duck.......

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