02 March 2006

Oh Look, a Sparkley!!!

It's amazing how much I depend on my computer and Internet connection. Been spending more time home trying to get things done in the past couple of weeks since my computer died. New (to me) machine should be here tomorrow - hopefully.

The new blog is just about ready for prime time. This blog will be for Arizona Southern Baptists to do some self-evaluation for our convention structure. When we roll it out, I'll provide a link so you can check it out. You can participate if you are a Southern Baptist living in Arizona. Registration is required to limit input to Az SBC'ers.

Food Bank time is tomorrow and Saturday. I look forward to these weekends. Getting to know folks in the community in a different way. It's fun developing relationships with them.

Our church recently started a clothing ministry - Women of Worth Repeat Boutique. It has been an outlet for several in our church, and we hope to make friends with lots of people in the community through it.

Don't miss the chance to encourage someone you come in contact with - especially when you are being prompted to do so. I missed an opportunity recently, and have regretted it ever since. Perhaps the opportunity will pass by my way again soon.

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