20 March 2006

Doin' Theology

One of my professors in seminary regularly commented that we all do theology, whether we know it or not. Some of us will do a good job of it, others won't.

The past couple of weeks we have been studying church polity during the evening time together. (I hesitate to call it the evening service, cuz we don't do anything but study Scripture.) We've looked at gobs of verses from the New Testament text and spent quite a bit of time deciding what they mean and how it should work in our church. It is amazing what kinds of comments I have received from this exercise.

Some have said that they have not been encouraged like that through Bible study in a long time. Others have told me that they have been able to settle things in their mind that they have been wrestling with for most of their lives.

The one that means as much, if not more than all the others came from one who said "We don't want to have a Potluck next Sunday night, we want to do more Bible study!"

I can live with that.....

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