14 March 2006


Talked with a friend of mine from Seminary this morning. In actuality, he is one of my pastors whether he knows it or not. We discussed ministry and family and other things.

One aspect of ministry had to do with being. We see the same issues in our churches - people are busy and can't seem to just be. We find ourselves the same way many times too - too busy just to be. He is a pastor in the Phoenix area, and I am in a much smaller community, but that issue is the same for both of us.

He recently made a decision to stop pursuing a higher degree in seminary because he has 3 children. For that decision, I applaud him. His kids will be adults all too soon, and the degree will wait. He is doing a lot of things the right way though, getting exercise, taking his days off, doing things away from his church. He relayed a comment that someone he respected mentioned to him "They will kill you if you'll let them." He is experiencing this in his life now, and thankfully, trying to change before it is too late.

He serves as a Chaplain in the Reserves and will be heading out in a month or so for his 6 weeks of duty. He is looking forward to it. A change in perspecive will do him good (wouldn't it be good for all of us too?)

Don't know where I heard it or read it, but I like this - "We are human beings, not human doings" Why then are we more concerned with what we do than who we are?

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