09 March 2006

Shaylyn is surprised!

D'Shon and Shaylyn are gone for a couple of days. This is Shaylyn's surprise trip where she will receive a purity ring from me tomorrow night. Shemiah and Shaianne had their couple of days with Mom several years ago, when they were around 13. They both have purity rings as well.

We try to surprise the girls with this trip. Shemiah didn't have a clue until her mom went the wrong direction from the church parking lot. Her suitcase was in the back of the Suburban and she was completely surprised. For those of you who don't know Shemiah, she prides herself on being in the know about most everything - it was kinda fun to do something she had no idea was going to happen. I met them for supper (at the Fish Market in Phoenix) later that evening and presented her with her ring. They had that day and the next together in a nice hotel in Scottsdale.

Shaianne went to breakfast with me one morning and her mom showed up unexpectedly. Her stuff was packed after we left and mom had an easier time hiding some of the preparations. She received her ring at the end of breakfast. They went to the same hotel that Shemiah went to for her surprise trip.

Shaylyn told me right before she found out what was happening that she felt like she was everyones bodyguard today. Everyone wanted her to go with them to do whatever they were doing. She got her hair cut and then Shemiah assisted in the plot - she took her to Bashas and brought something to me at the office. Shaylyn looked like she was really unsure of what was going to happen when I mentioned to her that her next couple of days were going to be different than she was expecting. I talked to them a little while ago and they seem to be having fun. I get to go get Shaylyn's ring tomorrow and give it to her tomorrow night! It's going to be fun.

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